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Pay attention to the parameters and specifications when selecting plastic hose for cosmetics

Cosmetic plastic hose is a hose used to load various kinds of plasters, such as toothpaste hose, cosmetic cream, lubrication tube, and cosmetic hose. However, due to different pastes to be


Plastic hose becomes an indispensable packaging form for cosmetics and drugs

Plastic hose is easy to use, economical and sanitary, and has become one of the main packaging varieties of cosmetics, medicine and food. Since the 1990s, China has introduced a large number of advanced composite hose production


Tips on plastic hose for cosmetics

The hose is divided into single-layer hose, double-layer hose and five layer hose, which are different in terms of pressure resistance, impermeability and hand feel. For example, the five layer hose consists of an outer layer, an inner layer


Classification of cosmetic hose

Cosmetic hose generally includes: hose+cover. The hose is usually made of PE plastic. There are also aluminum plastic pipe, all aluminum pipe and environment-friendly paper plastic pipe.


Manufacturing process of cosmetic packaging materials

Bottle body: the tube can be made of colored tube, transparent tube, colored or transparent frosted tube, pearlescent tube, and has the distinction of matte and bright light. The matte looks elegant but easy


What are hose caps?

The hose covers have various shapes, which are generally divided into flat head covers, round head covers, high covers, flip covers, ultra flat covers, double-layer covers, spherical covers, lipstick covers, and plastic covers


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