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Fine Quality : The blow bottle, whose body and injected head are multilayered(layers of PE

and EVOH), can protect the good quality of the filling within, therefore efficiently guarantee

the shelf life. Also, for it’s high resistance from outside influences like temperature or

moisture, the blow bottle is perfect packaging solution to cosmetics and food as well. The

raw material and workshop has attained National Food Quality Safety Certification.


Craft : The biow bottle can be processed through silkscreen, hotstamping and spray

finishing. And there is no limits to its shape. 

5-layered Blow Bottle series

Special Tube Series


Variety : Oval tubesφ25mm-φ50mm, super-oval tubesφ30, 35, 40, 50 are available and also

new items can be customized.


Top quality : Fine tubes with different shaps and sizes may be processed with offset or

silkscreen printing, hot stamping, glossy or matte coating. 


Special style


From concept to finished goods : through advanced facility and proficient

technology, the elite R&D workteam 100% independently develops innovative

moulds, many of which are national patented products. We offer a variety of fancy

choices for clients such as mascara bottle, twisted-off tube, pump tube, roll-on tube,

dualtube etc.


Emboss Tube

Redefine Packaging For those need, The innovation of The emboss decoration is designed for thoso have sight issue. Emboss pattern and word can be customize accordingiy. 


Special technice


Proficient technology : The advanced technology from Japan and Germen, like special-shape endsealing, holographic holographic hotstamping, create fresh styles.  Also, we can make customized labeling, automatic align-targetted silkscreen and hostamping, presenting more secured quality and outstanding look.


Technology breakthrough : Flexography, unlike the traditional silkscreen and offset, with vivid and fresh printing effect, enables us to produce tubes with photo effect, therefore more artwork design factors like fruits and human faces can be taken into clients consideration. 


Center Dispensing Tubes

Entire series of tube and cap in 25, 30, 35, 39 and 50mm. Cap is acailable in aliminum shell

to enhance the value of the product.


Cosmetics Tube Series


Variety : There are a variety of tubes like round tube, oval tube, super oval tube, tube-in

tube(or matrix tube)with diameter ranges from 13mm-60mm,  and new moulds can also be



Fine Raw Materials : The raw material and supplementary material are completely provided

by well-known suppliers at home and abroad.


Facility : Avant-garde techniques and advanced equipment successively introduced every

year for extruding, head-injection, printing, polishing, hot stamping, sealing guarantees novel

and nice products.